Fundamentals in Ceramic Bead Design

Sun.-Tue. May 31 – June 2  9:00am-5:00pm (with 1 hr. break)(21 hours)

Level: All Levels
Maximum Class Size: 20
Class Fee: $710.00


Bead Stringing


WireworkDescription: Join Sherie Presta for this jam-packed three-day introduction to creating ceramic beads of all shapes and sizes, and explore the big, bold color that is the world of low-fire ceramic beads. Experiment with glazing techniques, including underglazing, overglazing, Prestablend, accents, specialties, and crackle. You’ll leave class with one stunning original art bead necklace and one pair of original ceramic bead earrings.

Students will Learn: How to form your own clay beads; glazing techniques; demos on various ceramic bead jewelry finishing including simple leather stringing and wireworking; clay bead forming techniques, including rolled clay, extruded clay, coil, slab clay, and slipped-joined clay.Prerequisites: No prior ceramic experience necessary.Project will be completed in class.At least 18 years old.Supplies to Bring: Any personal clay tools that you would like to use such as rollers, cutters, extruders, or texture rollers; the following kitchen items for bead forming such as a garlic press, potato ricer, egg slicer, ravioli cutter, and vegetable garnishing tools. These are in addition to tools that will be provided for students to share in class.Pliers: Chainnose, flatnose standard, roundnose.Materials in Kit: Clay, clay cloths, roller, craft knife, wire clay cutter, hole punch, bead sticks and holders, glazes, brushes, glaze cups, leather cord, wire, silver-plated spacer beads, silver-filled earring wires, jumbo clasp.

Limit: One seat per person per class.

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2 Responses to “Fundamentals in Ceramic Bead Design”

  1. Vernie

    I am a huge fan of Sherie’s jewelry. My niece and I both had the great pleasure of viewing beautifully made necklaces and bangles. I was extremely impressed att Sherie’s handwork and was awed by the fact that she created her jewelry herself with raw materials. An opportunity to learn such a craft is definitely something any creative person should indulge!

  2. Gary

    Sherie’s beads are beautiful! It is obvious that much creativity and skill goes into the creation of each unique style, color, and texture of her bead designs. I had a brief tour of Sherie’s studio and witnessed first-hand her enthusiasm for the process of bead making – her class is sure to be informative and fun!


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